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Three UAE Fairmont Hotels Join Dex Squared’s Asset Management Portfolio

Dubai, UAE - August 16, 2023 – In a significant move signaling its steady growth and commitment to fostering collaborative hospitality ventures, Dex Squared Hospitality is excited to announce its appointment of asset management for three distinguished Fairmont hotels in the UAE: Fairmont Dubai, Fairmont Ajman, and Fairmont Fujairah.

This new venture marks an important milestone for the expansion plan of Dex Squared in the UAE, further cementing its reputation for excellence in hotel management. It demonstrates the company's strategic direction of working alongside esteemed brands and properties that align with its values.

"We are immensely honored to be taking on the asset management role for these iconic Fairmont properties in the UAE," shares Kevork Deldelian, CEO of Dex Squared Hospitality. "Our focus will be on collaborating closely with both the owner and operator, ensuring a harmonious and successful relationship that benefits all stakeholders."

"This is an incredible opportunity for Dex Squared Hospitality to showcase its expertise and dedication to excellence in the hospitality domain," the CEO continues. "With our team's commitment and vision, we're confident in creating a synergy that amplifies the strengths of these esteemed properties, delivering enhanced value and exceptional guest experiences."


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