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SELECT Consultancy

At Dex Squared Hospitality, our SELECT Consultancy services are crafted to address the unique challenges and opportunities within the hospitality industry.


What We

By offering a bespoke consultancy approach, we empower your business with targeted solutions that drive performance, innovation, and growth across various operational and strategic dimensions.


Forensic Cost Review

Dive deep into your expenses with our Forensic Cost Review, identifying savings and efficiencies to boost your bottom line without compromising on quality or guest experience.


Pre-Opening Activities

Ensure a successful launch with our comprehensive suite of pre-opening services, from operational setup to marketing and staff training, setting the stage for success from day one.


Brand Development

Create or refine your brand identity with our development services, strategically positioning your business to stand out in the competitive hospitality market.


Select Asset Management

Focused asset management services for specific hotel functions, optimizing performance, and maximizing revenue potential in targeted areas of your operation.


Technical Services

Access expert guidance on technical aspects of hospitality operations, from infrastructure to systems integration, ensuring seamless operations and guest experiences.


Brand Compliance

Maintain the integrity of your brand with our compliance services, ensuring consistency and quality across all touchpoints of the guest experience.


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