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Dex Squared x LS Events

Dex Squared is pleased to announce the partnership with LS events, a renowned events company known for design, style, and planning bespoke events, which will provide our clients with additional exclusive services.

LS Events has built a reputation over the years, with events such as royal family weddings, Naomi Campbell's birthday, political events with Brookings, and executing a range of tailor-made events with a global reach ranging from Japan, India, China, Europe, United States, Emirates, and Qatar. "Experience the difference" is the motto of LS events and this certainly embodies the spirit and drive behind every project.

Dex Squared continues to enrich its range of offerings. With the principle of providing upscale services and world-class cooperation, this partnership will surely enhance our range of products and provide newer services to the market.

At Dex Squared we are confident that this partnership will satisfy the needs of businesses and entrepreneurs in all aspects of their business with a wide range of services, unexpected and modern solutions, and memorable events


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