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Our Story

Founded on the belief that the hospitality industry is ripe for transformative change, Dex Squared Hospitality emerges as a beacon of innovation and excellence. Our roots are deeply embedded in the idea that traditional methods are only the starting point for delivering exceptional guest experiences. From day one, our mission has been clear: to not just manage hotels but to redefine what hotel management entails. This vision has propelled us forward, driving us to question the status quo, reimagine operational processes, and pioneer new metrics of success.

At the heart of Dex Squared Hospitality is a commitment to revolutionizing every aspect of the hospitality experience. We are not just in the business of managing properties; we are in the business of setting new benchmarks for excellence, efficiency, and engagement in the industry. Our approach is holistic, focusing on everything from innovative staffing solutions to groundbreaking analytics and beyond, ensuring that each hotel we engage with not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the modern traveler.

Our journey is one of continuous evolution, inspired by the ever-changing needs of guests and the dynamic nature of the hospitality industry. As we look to the future, Dex Squared Hospitality remains steadfast in its dedication to pioneering change, embracing innovation, and inspiring a shift towards more thoughtful, responsive, and dynamic hospitality experiences.


Meet Our Founder


"Our journey at Dex Squared extends beyond mere leadership within the hospitality sector; it's about being acknowledged as a significant contributor to the industry's ongoing evolution."

-CEO & Founder, Kevork Deldelian

Legacy of






Years of Combined Experience


Pre-Opening Projects

In the world of hospitality, experience speaks volumes. Our executive team, a collective of industry experts, brings to the table a staggering legacy of success and expertise. Together, they have shaped the destinies of 64 hotels across 16 countries, overseeing the management of over 16,750+ rooms and leading a vibrant community of 7,250 colleagues. With 160+ years of combined experience, their strategic foresight has been pivotal in launching 18 pre-opening projects, setting new benchmarks in hospitality excellence.


This wealth of experience, accumulated over decades by our team members, is the cornerstone upon which Dex Squared Hospitality is built, guiding us as we carve out new paths of innovation and service.


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