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Training Services

Why use our Training Services?

At Dex Squared we offer a wide range of training services that can be used individually or in unison with each other to deliver the required impact that you wish to see in your workforce. The services listed below are tweaked and customized to create a curated program built specifically to serve your needs.

On-Boarding &
Pre-Opening Support
On-Boarding and
Pre-Opening Support
  • On-Board Colleagues

  • On-Board L&D Leader

  • Conduct a Pre-Opening Leadership Team workshop (EQ)

  • Develop trainers in all the operational department

  • Setup L&D - Pre-Opening Toolkit

  • Setup Pre-Opening Administration

  • Setup On-Boarding & On-Job Training

  • Setup Mandatory Training

  • Setup Curtain Raiser Activities 

Learning and Development Maintenance Services
  • Create & Manage Nationalization Programs (Hiring, Reporting, Placement – Follow-ups)

  • Monthly Off-Job training/mandatory training - L&D Reports compilation & feedback

  • Monthly Webinar

  • E-Learning reports compilation & feedback

  • Quarterly training plans follow-up

  • Monthly department calendars compilation

  • Quarterly Department L&D audits to track the progress

  • Implementing, advising on and monitoring Performance Management follow-up

  • PDP follow-ups

  • Acting as a “Go to” person within the business support for L&D development related queries

Service Experience
Service Experience Training
  • Service needs assessments

  • Mystery shoppers report feedback follow-ups

  • Customized training solution/ Roleplays

  • Individual Reports with Action Plan

Customized Learning Solutions
Consultation Services
  • Conduct Annual L&D Audits (L&D operations repot + Coaching feedback to the leader + Follow-up visits and reports)

  • Manager’s Development support (Coaching Support)

  • Productivity related solutions (HODs and line colleagues)

  • Conduct Mystery Shopping Activity

Leader Development
Leader Development
  • Co-tutor Learning & Development Leader in a Lead Trainer’s programs:

    • 1) On-Job Skills

    • 2) Group Training Techniques

    • 3) Coach Program

  • Develop operational capabilities of your Learning & Development Leader

Customized Learning Solutions
  • Create a new training programme (Trainer notes, PPT Decks, workbook, games)

  • Prepare presentation decks for your annual conferences

  • Create short training programs for your annual conferences

  • Create SOPs or JDs for new positions

  • Conduct a Regional Café (short program)

  • Develop operational capabilities of your Learning & Development Leader

  • Pre-Opening support, manning the property (If you are not able to hire Learning & development Leader)

  • Manage Learning & Development functions during the transition phase

  • Author E-learning modules and create Learning & Development Content

  • Prepare Franchise Toolkit

Trainer Development
Trainer Development Solutions
  • On-Job Skills Training

    • Define On-Job Training and list the importance of On-Job Skills training

    • Break Job description duties into task and write Standard Operating Procedure

    • Design and carry out short pieces of on the job training

  • Ace Trainer

    • Accelerating Learning

    • Training Trends

    • Designing Training Session

    • Writing results-oriented objectives

    • Preparing high quality slides

    • Adding fun in the session

    • Story telling

  • Talk Like TED

    • Presentation preparation

    • Preparing presentation content

    • Presentation structure (IBC)

    • Zen Approach in presentation

    • TED – Story Telling

    • Art of persuasion (Logos, Pathos, Ethos)

    • Creating impact

Personal Development
Personal Development Solutions
  • Coach Program

    • Difference between Coaching, Mentoring, Feedback and Training

    • EQ and Coaching

    • 4 Faces of Insight

    • Coaching Questions

    • Coaching Meeting Role Play  

  • Mentor

    • Essence of Mentoring

    • Mentoring examples

    • Mentoring steps

    • Role Plays

  • Difficult Interaction

    • Determine which conflicts to resolve

    • Addressing negative emotions

    • Clarify the facts of an interpersonal conflict

    • Solve the problem underlying a difficult interaction

    • Manage conflict between direct reports

  • Think Blue Ocean

    • Defining Blue Ocean method

    • Exploring Blue Ocean method

    • Creating a Blue Ocean Idea

  • Emotional Intelligence

    • EQ Leadership

    • EQ Model

    • Brain Talent Profile

    • Exploring Apps

    • Brain Discovery Profile – Assessments and Coaching report of individual participants  

  • Behavior Interviewing

    • Importance of hiring a right fit

    • Process of recruitment

    • Brain Discovery Profile  in recruiting

    • STAR techniques

Online Learning (LMS)
  • Learning need analysis mapped with the job description and competencies

  • Digital On-Job Training Records

  • On-line Performance Management

  • Essential e-Learning programs (Anti Harassment and Code of Business Conduct)

  • Authoring services for your brand orientation

  • Up-selling programs for Front Office and Restaurant

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