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Human Resources Software

Why use our HR Software?

Our software is designed to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of outdated forms of training and onboarding practices. As well as guiding individuals towards their next promotion once the training for the current role is complete. We have re-created the onboarding process which has been the same in the industry for years, using our software will save you time and will ensure that there are no knowledge gaps for any individual.

Phase 1

Digital On-Job Training


Job Description Shell

Businesses update job descriptions for all of the positions in the business.


Task List Shell

From the job description, a task list is created.


Important Tasks Selection

From the task list, business select the most important tasks that must be completed by the individual before the probationary period ends.


Personalized On-Job Training

Individuals will receive a personalized digital learning log on the day of joining.

This log will contain all the tasks that the individual must complete post-probation.


Mark Completion

Our consultants will develop department trainers on a Lead Trainer Program.

Department Trainers will be responsible for task training.

Both Trainer and Trainee mark the completion of tasks.


SOP Trained %

As the Department Trainers and Trainees update the digital log,  Individual Learners SOP Trained % is automatically calculated based on the number of tasks completed.



Once all training tasks are completed, employees will be prompted to re-train based on a timeline set by the business. 

Phase 2

Digital Learning & Development Training


Pending Tasks

All tasks that were trained 6 months back are automatically marked for re-training. (Customized as per Operations Requirements)

Department Trainers and Trainees must revisit the pending tasks and mark as complete.


Off-Job Training

Our system will also track the completion status of any off-job training that is completed by the individual. 

Our Learning and Development Training Grid will keep track of all pending/completed tasks.


Reporting Tools

Reports can be extracted any time of the day stating the overall % of On-Job and Off-Job training completed per individual, department, and hotel.

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