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Sunset Hospitality & Dex Squared Hospitality Joint Venture

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Dubai, UAE: Sunset Hospitality Group (SHG), renowned for curating contemporary hospitality experiences around the world, and Dex Squared Hospitality, a hospitality management company, has signed a joint venture to bring SHG’s portfolio of brands to Egypt.

The announcement coincides with the Group’s strategic expansion plans for 2022. It will see SHG’s hospitality and lifestyle concepts entering Egypt, the Arab world’s third-largest economy, and set to become a destination of choice for lifestyle experiences.

Antonio Gonzalez, CEO, Sunset Hospitality Group, explains: “As we enter a promising 2022, we are glad to announce our joint venture with Dex Squared Hospitality to enter Egypt. Egypt offers a rich business environment. Being close to many European markets and a gateway to Africa, the country attracts tourists and investors alike. With its magnificent climate, sandy beaches, popular attractions like its historical monuments, and vibrant social life, our hospitality concepts will add value to the many experiences this country has to offer.”

The partnership will see Sunset Dex Egypt use its knowledge and experience of the Egyptian market to operate healthy business investments that meet the specific objectives of Sunset Hospitality Group. This means Egypt will be home to brands like Azure Beach, Ammos, Black Tap, and Isola Ristorante Italiano, to name a few.

Dex Squared is a hospitality management firm led by a highly experienced team with decades of engagement in developing hotel and restaurant brands and managing the portfolio of international hotel chains in MEA. Dex Squared Hospitality uses its diversified expertise to provide bespoke and relevant solutions ranging from franchised third party operated and stand-alone hotels, asset managed hotels and the development of innovative hotel and restaurant-related software. Kevork Deldelian, CEO & Founder, Dex Squared Hospitality, comments: “We have witnessed Sunset Hospitality Group’s steady growth in the last decade. Their expertise in introducing great hospitality concepts to Dubai’s dining scene and their successful partnerships with world-acclaimed brands confirm their strong business foundation. We believe that the successful track records and extensive experience of both Dex Squared Hospitality and Sunset Hospitality Group will be the catalyst that this new company will capitalize on; introducing Sunset’s brands to Egypt will further strengthen the growth of both companies and confirm their reputation to be the leading hospitality and management companies in the region and beyond.”

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